Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does the certification take?

Our students are reporting about 10 hours to complete the course.

Can you provide a breakdown of the hours by module?

Module 1  - 45 minutes - The Neurotoxic Effect, The Overflowing Bucket, Expectations of Toxicity and Detox Specialists

Module 2 - 1.5 hours - The Autoimmune Answer, Thyroid and Wellness, Diabetes, Weight Loss Resistance, Neurodegenerative Disease

Module 3 - 2 hours - Toxic Exposure, Heavy Metals, Hidden Infections, General Toxicity

Module 4 - 2 hours - Removing the Source, Regenerating the Cell Membrane, Restoring Cellular Energy, Reducing Cellular Inflammation, Re-establishing Methylation

Module 5 - 1.5 hours - Client Onboarding, VCS, Meta-Oxy, NTQ, Seven Client Sessions

Module 6 - 1.25 hours - Marketing Your Business, Event Marketing, Email Management and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Keyword Analysis

Module 7 - 1 hour - online exam

When will I gain access to the course?

Immediately after you complete the checkout process you will receive your course login information from the email address: If you don't see the email in a timely manner, please check your spam folder.

Is there a timeline in which I need to complete the course?

The Toxicity and Detox Specialist certification is all online and go-at-your-own pace.  Most of our students complete the course in less than a month, however, you have up to six months to complete it.  If you are unable to do so please email to request an extension.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have full access to the online course and all updates, as well as the Facebook community, for two full years.

When will my welcome box & certification arrive?

After the completion of your toxicity & detox certification, our team will get notified to create your certificate of completion and your welcome box. This will be shipped to you within 5 business days.

How do I gain access to the Facebook support group? 

Upon completion of the Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification you will receive an invitation to join our private Facebook community for ongoing support and networking with your peers.

Do I have to re-certify? 

Toxicity and Detox Specialists are required to re-certify every two years.

Is this certification for current and active practitioners only? 

Anyone who would like to gain knowledge about toxicity and detox can take this certification. This certification does not include specific protocols for detox. If you are interested in proven protocols and/or systems, you can inquire about our True Cellular Detox (TCD) program which is for practitioners and/or someone with further schooling/certificates only. Feel free to contact us to see if you qualify and view the FAQ’s below for further information.

Is the Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification accredited? 

Yes, this course is internationally accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office.  CPD accreditation means the learning activities in this course have reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.  The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.  CPD accredited training courses, workshops and events allow professionals to use the learning time towards individual CPD requirements.

How many continuing education units (CEUs) does this course provide?

The Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification has been approved for 10 continuing education units through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office.  Please check with the organization you are affiliated with to confirm the number of continuing education hours they will approve the Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification for, along with their individual hour submission process.

What if I want to properly detox before becoming certified?

If you would like to join us for a group detox that we run a few times a year as a group, please visit If you are a practitioner and looking to try out the protocol first, please get in touch with our team to ensure best practices, and remember, the certification goes through the basic knowledge of toxicity and detox and allows you to earn continuing education credits. It does not give you specific protocols for detox.

How is this different from your True Cellular Detox program?

The Toxicity and Detox Certification is an accredited certification by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office.  It is strictly educational, sharing the many years of toxicity and detox research by HCF Seminars and its founders.  It does not include medical protocols or supplement recommendations.  The training and research provided in this certification allows you to gain the basic and some advanced knowledge of the different toxicity dangers and how they affect our health, along with cellular-level detox modalities.

Our True Cellular Detox Practitioner Program (TCD) is the next step & allows you to learn all about the implementation of toxicity and detox in your practice. It includes the practitioner portal where you will gain knowledge of how to implement the TCD protocol (including supplements etc.), how to market it and beyond. You have access to the TCD practitioner community and a support coach.

If you hold an additional practitioner license and/or health coaching certification, pairing the Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification together with the TCD Practitioner Program sets you up for the utmost success in addressing toxicity and proper detox in your practice!

Does this certification allow me to become a TCD Practitioner and/or open wholesale accounts?

Completing the Toxicity and Detox Specialist Certification alone does not allow you to become a TCD Practitioner and/or create a wholesale account with Revelation Health.  The TCD program takes your through protocols on how to heal your clients, which should not be practiced without a practitioner license or health coaching certification.  

If you are interested in furthering your education and becoming a certified practitioner/coach, here are some of our partner schools to consider:

If you would like to speak to our team, please feel free to email us at or book a call HERE.
If, however, you are also a licensed practitioner and/or certified health coach, you are eligible to become a TCD Practitioner and/or create a wholesale account with Revelation Health.  Please note that there are additional fees to become a TCD Practitioner.

Can I get an affiliate account with you after doing this certification? 

We have an incredible affiliate program in place and it is automatic when you become a True Cellular Detox Practitioner. Being a Certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist only does not qualify you for the affiliate program.